European Renal Pathology Course

Dear colleagues,
We are very happy that our Renal Pathology Course will run again in-person in Amsterdam, from 4 - 7th of June, 2024

This four-day course has been designed for pathologists, nephrologists, paediatric nephrologists and residents in these specialties.

The first 3 days will be dedicated to native renal diseases, with special attention to the newest insights in renal pathophysiology, clinical nephrology and renal histopathology. Clinical and pathology presentations will be alternated with fully digitalized slide seminars. All participants are requested to bring their own laptop computer to study biopsies by digital pathology, immunofluorescence and electron microscopy in an integrated fashion.
The 4th day of the course will be devoted entirely to the challenging field of renal transplant pathology, including background information on transplant immunology and clinical and pathological aspects of acute and chronic allograft dysfunction, again alternated with digital transplant slide seminars.
It will be possible to register for the full course, for the first 3 days or the 4th day only.
Throughout the course, the emphasis lies on the recognition of histological patterns, in combination with clinical symptoms in order to establish the diagnosis. Characteristic cases as well as more complex and rare cases will be covered.

After completion of the course, the attendants will be able to recognize the histopathological characteristics of both frequently occurring and rare renal diseases, and generate an appropriate differential diagnosis.

Since the start in 2006, our course has acquired a firm reputation among international pathology course offerings and has drawn attendants from over 20 different countries.

We hope you will join us in Amsterdam!
Prof. Sandrine Florquin
Dr. Joris J. Roelofs